Wit and Witicism from the Kiddos

DSCF6443Felix is having a vocabulary explosion at 18 months and it’s pretty adorable.

The other day he was jumping from the rocking chair to my bed (kind of a far jump for a little guy) and my husband said to him: “Felix I don’t think that’s safe.”

Mr. Crazy responds “No safe! Fun!”

DSCF6314Conversation I had with Miss Zelie the other day:

Me: “Felix is such a lucky boy to have a big sister who plays so patiently with him.”

Zelie: “No, he’s not so lucky anymore!”

Me: “Why is he not so lucky?”

Zelie: “Because I don’t want to play with him now.”  and she walked away.



Toby: “Did you know some people don’t like babies?”

Me:  “Oh, really?”

Toby: “Yeah, (neighbor friend) doesn’t like babies, but that’s just weird.  It’s like not liking yourself because everybody used to be a baby”

Well said my dear.

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The first day of motherhood

These are the most gorgeous photos of mothers and their less than one day old babies.  I love the sense of ease and calmness surrounding them.  The photographer mentioned how peaceful all of the subjects were in those first few hours, before the world came crashing in on everyone.


In my second and third births (the ones that didn’t conclude with a major emergency) I remember feeling that same peace.  The first day everything was perfect.  Soon after big kids with colds, laundry, bills, and what is everyone going to eat? arrived, but those first moments were amazing.

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When interests converge. . .

My husband I are high school sweethearts.  When we stared dating I was more concerned with how cute and funny he was than whether or not we had anything in common. 10 years later we’re still in love, and we still don’t have many shared interests beyond our Faith and family.

He’s into football, basketball, baseball, soccer, well sports really, and especially ultimate frisbee.  He’s a scientist specializing in animal behavior.  I like to read, craft, and hang out with pregnant ladies and new babies.  It works for us.  One of these days I will probably figure out what’s really happening in that football game, or maybe I’ll just keep sneaking upstairs to read while he and the kids watch.


But this blog? This is a common interest.  Katie Hinde, Assistant Professor of Human Evolutionarary Biology at Harvard, writes about things like milk composition across species and how prenatal nutrition influences long term health.

This quote is basically how my husband talks when he comes home from a conference.

However, systematic statistical techniques for rigorously detecting “signatures” of phylogeny, environment, and behavior in milk composition across mammals remained absent from the literature.

Until now.
In the newest issue of Journal of Animal EcologyAmy Skibiel and colleagues combined data on mid-lactation milk composition from 129 mammalian species, representing 51 families and 15 different orders. For the first time, researchers have analyzed milk composition across egg-laying (montoreme), pouch-touting (marsupial), and placenta-having (eutherian) mammals. They looked at milk composition in relation to maternal body mass, adaptations to arid environment, maternal diet, length of lactation, altricial versus precocial young, aquatic versus terrestrial habitats, and total reproductive output (litter size & neonate size). Aw yeah.
You can read the rest here.
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What really happened at your birth?

ViNull on Flickr

Photo Credit: ViNull on Flickr

Birth can be a very internal experience.  Any mother or birth professional can tell you that laboring women aren’t always aware of everything going on around them.  Add to that the fact that care providers often throw around professional terms without stopping to explain what these mean to parents and it’s not uncommon to come away from a birth, especially a difficult one, wondering what really happened here?

I recently read the story of a birth that did not go as planned.  When everything was over Mama and baby were both in good health, and her birth plan had been ripped to shreds.  This woman was reflecting on how her healing from the experience truly began when she remembered a term she heard thrown around at her birth and googled it.

The term was “posterior brow presentation”.  It means her baby had the back of it’s head toward her spine (rather than the easier and more typical position of back of skull to Mom’s pubic bone) and baby in a brow presentation with head tipped back, forehead first, rather than in the typical chin-to-chest, back of head first, position.  In her reading she discovered that this is a hard position to push a baby out!

I had a similar experience after my son Toby’s difficult birth.  For weeks I didn’t  even want to think about it.  I had no interest in processing anything.  I wrote a bit about it in my journal, but even that was too overwhelming and I gave up halfway through. Months later I started to think more about what happened.  My midwife gave me my chart at our 6 week appointment so I was able to look back through it.  And guess what I found out?  My baby was a brow presentation.  What? Seriously? Why did nobody tell me this?  A brow presentation is ~3 cm bigger than a well flexed head.  That may not sound like a lot, but it can make a big difference, especially an already large baby like my Toby.

Before reading my chart I felt like I had done something wrong. Like it was my fault it took so long so get him out.  Afterwards, I began to realize his was a very hard birth, not because of some failure on my part, but because of a long labor and a baby in a ridiculous position.

And the point of this ramble down memory lane is:

If you are unhappy with your birth experience get the details.

You may need to sign something to release the records, but getting a copy of your birth records is pretty easy.   You can then go through it with your care provider, doula, childbirth educator or, if nothing else, Google.  You may find out information that you hadn’t know before and you might not.  Either way you will have the actual record and timeline of your birth and a good place to start delving into the memories of your birth.

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7 Very Quick Takes because this Mama is tired.




Considering how much time I’ve spent breastfeeding (64 months and counting) I have very few pictures of me nursing. This one is about 2 years old – back when Miss Z was still on the boob.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! This article on the “new” position in nursing, laid back breastfeeding or biological nurturing, from the Childbirth Collective blog is a good one.



Speaking of breastfeeding . . .  Mr. Felix has two speeds these days, running and asleep.  I was thinking tonight how happy I am to still be nursing him at 13 months.  He’s so active and will just go and go, but the magic boob puts him to sleep every time!


My favorite nursing bras of all time are Hot Milk brand. I have a bunch of them, and they were just on Zulily for cheap.  So, I ordered a new one.  I adore new bras. Unfortunately my ability to read descriptions may not be so great.  I bought a maternity bra rather than a nursing bra, so I am now stuck with a cute new bra that is basically worthless to me in its current state.  I’m hoping to make it to the fabric store for some nursing clips and convert it quick because I’m dying to wear it.


My husband has been at an Animal Behavior Society conference all week.  We’re expecting him home at some point in the middle of the night.  I will be very happy to have him home again, but I’m kind of feeling like I rocked this 3 kids on my own thing.  We went to the park twice and the beach once.  Everyone stayed healthy and only watched a bit more tv than usual.  And, the big one, there were no major meltdowns at bedtime (of course I’m mostly talking about me here).


Felix can say “Baby” and it is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.  He saw a baby at the park the other day and ran right over to her.  I love it when kiddos who are still babies themselves get all excited over seeing a little baby.


The girl and her baby love.

The girl and her baby love.

Zelie woke up in the middle of the night a couple days ago and our conversation went like this:

Zelie: I need to see Felix.

Me: He’s sleeping.

Zelie: No! I need to see Felix!

Me: He’s sleeping.  You can see him tomorrow.

Zelie: Mama! You don’t know what I’m saying.  I need Felix!

So, we went and peeked on him and she went right back to sleep.


I’m hoping to finish up my childbirth educator certification soon.  All I have left is 3 book reports and observing a course.  I’m going to observe a series in October, so I should be ready to request certification as soon as that’s done!  A year and a half is a bit longer than I planned to complete everything, but not too bad really.  I’m looking into taking an herbs for the childbearing year course next, but I think it might have to wait till Timothy finishes graduate school.

For more interesting quick takes go visit Conversion Diary!

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Pregnancy and Birth Etiquette in the Internet Age

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